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Prof. Michael Soltys

California State University, USA

Data Analytics in the Cloud


In this talk we are going to examine Data Analytics in the Cloud. In particular, we will demonstrate the data flow for Analytics and Machine Learning, starting with sourcing data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured), pipelining it in both batch mode and streaming, storing it in a Data Lake, and finally making it available to Machine Learning and Business Intelligence. We will illustrate this complex engineering process with examples from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Michael Soltys


Michael joined California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) in 2014 as Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Information Technology and Mechatronics Engineering. His vision is to build a world-class department where cutting edge research is put at the service of students and community. His Ph.D. is from the University of Toronto, and he was chair of Computer Science at McMaster University (2001-2014), an Ulam professor at the University of Colorado Boulder (2007-2008), a visiting scholar at UC San Diego (2013), authored two books, and published over 60 research papers. He specializes in Algorithms, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing.

In the field of Algorithms, Michael's Ph.D. thesis (2001) is in the area of Complexity Theory, under the supervision of Professor Stephen Cook. Michael is also the author of "An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms" 3rd ed. In Cybersecurity he consults with the industry, in particular the SoCal High Technology Task Force (HTTF), the Navy, through a fellowship with the Office of Naval Research, and Ventura County IT companies. In Cloud Computing he established a partnership between AWS (Amazon Web Services) and the CSU. He is also a certified instructor in AWS technology.

Michael is a principal scientist and software engineering at GBL Systems Corporation where he is heading the cloud sector.

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